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Making the move to Carleton Place or Beckwith?

Posted by admin on February 3, 2021

Top Reasons why I live here:

I’m from Newfoundland, and few will argue that they are the friendliest and nicest people you will meet. So, when we were looking to buy a home, I wanted a similar vibe and a smaller town to live in. A place where people would say “Hello” when you walk down the road. I liked Ottawa, but it didn’t feel like home.    My husband had to commute to the city, so we couldn’t go too far. We did some research, and decided that Carleton Place and Beckwith provided us with what we were looking for – A sense of belonging. So I have listed some reasons why I love it here, and some benefits of calling it home.

1. Small Town Hospitality – If you live, or have lived, in a small town, you will know what I mean when I say “You feel like other people in town have your back”. They smile, they hold the door open and they care. This is Carleton Place and the surrounding area.

2. You don’t pay for parking – as of today, anyway. Who knows whether that will change, but I love that I can go into town and not pay for parking. There are no meters, and always a place to park…yippee!

3. Lots of green space – many playgrounds and trails to choose from. Most of the trails are stable enough for biking, strollers or running. Some are open and many are treed. You can access them from within Carleton Place and connect to other communities. You can use some of the trails for winter sports, and horseback riding. Carleton Place Trail Map  Beckwith Trail Map

4. Do you enjoy kayaking, water skiing/tubing or swimming in the open lake? Carleton Place/Beckwith is surrounded by the beautiful Mississippi Lake for all your summer fun. If winter is your thing, you can skate and go ice fishing.

5. There are enough activities to meet all ages in Carleton Place/Beckwith. Check out the link to the activity page for the Active Living Centre . Here is the town’s information on Recreation, Sports and Culture. I’m sure you will find something you will enjoy. There are many clubs, competitive sports and more.

6. Beach and splash pad – There is a beach and a splash pad in Carleton Place and a splash pad in Beckwith. You can also launch your boat just down the road from Riverside Park.

7. Close to the city – Hey, if I’m ever feeling like more night-life or need more shopping variety, I can be back in the city in 20 minutes.

8. Do you own a dog? The town has two off-leash, fenced-in dog areas for the residents and they are a huge hit. There are areas for small dogs and large dogs. Both parks are next to on-leash trails.

9. High-Speed internet is available in town and also in rural parts around Carleton Place. Some areas are slower, so make sure to ask if it is important to you.

10. Slower pace of life, but not too slow if you know what I mean. I know small towns have a reputation for things happening slow, but we have the best of both worlds here. It is a slower pace of life with less traffic and friendly people, but folks here have a strong sense of service and can get the job done.

11. You can get to know your neighbours if you want. I know not everyone wants to know their neighbours, but it’s more likely you will in a small town. There are street parties during the year, and if you don’t know your neighbours you will likely get to know people when you are out and about.

12. People are passionate about their town and I have seen them help their fellow townspeople countless times. There have been many times that someone in town needed help and I have never seen a town come together to help its neighbour as I have here. As a past military member, I have lived in many towns and I can honestly say that the folks in Carleton Place/Beckwith have your back.

13. There are plenty of stores here. You will find small boutique stores, restaurants, coffee shops and a few big box stores. If you are a Costco fan, it is only a 20-minute drive down the road.

14. Are you into a healthy fitness lifestyle? You will not be disappointed with the number of gyms and fitness activities you will find here. Here are a few:


15. Some folks can find it tough to meet new people, but Carleton Place makes it easy. There are so many opportunities to join or volunteer with a large number of organizations in town it makes meeting people a breeze. If you are a mom, or a mom-to-be, you can attend the playgroups. There are a couple of very active Facebook “mom” groups, too.

16. Do you want your children to go to Public School, Catholic School, French School, or Private School? We have them all here!  Both my children went through the school system in Carleton Place, and I have nothing but the highest regard for the school and the teachers, who worked so hard to care for the kids.

17. If you are looking for a spiritual connection, then you will have several churches to choose from.

So how do I know all these things?

It’s because I’m not from here. I didn’t know a single person when I moved here, and this town has welcomed me with open arms. Some of my best friends are here, and I know the passion and care they give to everyone.

I wrote this based on living in the Carleton Place/Beckwith area because that is where I live and raise my family. Almonte, Smiths Falls, Montague and the other towns in Lanark County offer similar, and sometimes more, amenities, so be sure to check them out.

If you’re wondering about other great benefits to move to Lanark County let me know and I’d be happy to help.

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