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I have put together some real estate market statistics for the town of Almonte.

The charts are for residential homes, including detached, townhomes, and condo’s. 

Some areas have a low volume of sales for statistical purposes, which can skew the data, but I believe there is enough to get a reasonable representation  of the market. If there are peaks or valleys that seem extreme, have a look at the “Historic Sales by Year” chart to see if the number is very low. You can click on the legend to highlight the corresponding line.

I hope you the charts useful. And as always, please let me know if you have any questions.


Data derived from the Ottawa Real Estate Board

Historical Price Trend

Chart by Visualizer

Number of Active Listings

Chart by Visualizer

Historical Sales By Year

Chart by Visualizer

Median Days On Market

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Sale Price To List Price Ratio

Chart by Visualizer

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