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The Puffin Real Estate Team - Lynn Vardy -Navigating Divorce Waves: Selling a House in Ontario.

Selling your house during divorce: Navigating divorce ...

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging period for any couple. Moreover, when it involves selling a house during a divorce, the process can become even more complex. There are specific considerations and legal requirements that need to be addressed when selling a house during a divorce. In this blog post, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide on navigating the process and making informed …

Selling, Tips May 28, 2023 0 Continue Reading
Exterior Painting

How to Make Exterior Painting A Breeze

It is a new year and that may leave you wanting to make your home feel like new too. Nothing can make your home feel as fresh and new as an exterior paint job. Here are the steps to take to make painting the outside of your home a little easier. TAKE A DAY TO WASH THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME Keeping your home ...
Selling, Tips Mar 31, 2020 0 Continue Reading

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