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Essential Tips for Buying Your Ideal Waterfront Property

Posted by admin on January 18, 2024
The Puffin Team Real Estate - Lynn Vardy - Essential Tips for Buying Your Ideal Waterfront Property

Living near the water has a special charm that many people find hard to resist. The calm views, the soothing sounds of waves, and the chance to enjoy water activities make owning a waterfront property a dream for many. However, getting into such a unique piece of real estate requires careful thought and thorough research. I have listed some important factors to keep in mind when buying a waterfront property.

Location is Key:

Where your waterfront house is located is super important. Check how close it is to big cities, useful places, and roads. Make sure the neighborhood is safe and easy to get around. Also, find out about the weather there and if there are any problems like floods or storms.

What’s Special About the Water:

Every waterfront house is different. Some are by a nice beach, some by a calm lake, and others by a pretty river. Think about what you like, such as a sandy beach or rocky shores. Consider things like tides and water levels, and if there are rules about what you can do in the water. Is the area known to flood often? Flood Plain maps are available to view across Canada here.

Follow the Rules:

Waterfront houses usually have special rules you need to follow. Learn about the local laws for things like boating, fishing, and swimming. Find out if there are any rules to protect the environment. Talk to local experts or a real estate lawyer to make sure you’re following all the rules. Contact the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority or the regulator in your area to find out any rules.

Check the House Carefully:

Before you buy any house, it’s important to check it out really well. Hire someone who knows about waterfront houses to look at everything. They should check the foundation, plumbing, electricity, and if there’s any damage from water. Don’t forget to look at things like docks and seawalls too!

Get the Right Insurance and Money:

Waterfront houses can have special risks, like flooding or storms. Make sure you have the right insurance to cover these things. Talk to insurance companies to understand your options. Also, get your money ready ahead of time because buying a waterfront house can be more expensive.

Keep it Nice:

Living by the water means you have to take care of your house more. Plan a budget to keep up with things like erosion control, fixing docks, and making the yard look nice. Think about costs for storing a boat and doing maintenance in different seasons. Don’t forget about water and waste management too!

Check Out the Area:

Look around the area where your house is. Check out schools, hospitals, and places to shop. See what fun things you can do in the area, like if there are marinas or places for water sports. Make sure you like the community and the way of life there.

Buying a house by the water can be really awesome, but you need to be smart about it. Do your research and think about things like location, what the water is like, rules, checking the house, insurance and money, keeping it nice, and the area around it. If you focus on these things, you’ll be ready to buy your waterfront house and have a great time living there!

Photo Credit: Photos by Trace Lamb, Mopani Communications

Lynn Vardy Realtor at The Puffin Team Real Estate

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